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It's Been Awhile
Crazy dancing mouse
mavinmaverick wrote in diggydiggyhole
Indeed it has...but then, I haven't really been playing MC lately. Between being busy, lvling in WoW, and getting sick now and again, I've been away from my lovely digging. I have gotten quite far in my massive hole, though. I'm down to lava...which is a pain in the backside! I've been running around stopping lava flows the best I can. But at least I'm getting lots of red stone. I think once I actually hit bedrock on my giant hole, I'll switch to a newer version of MC, and start dinking around there. Those new versions keep coming out so quickly! Or maybe I'm just too slow.

I think I've conquered my fear of Ender Men. I still get goosebumps every time they scream at me, but I've been going after them with gusto. If I see one lurking around, I grab my sword and start swinging. I've managed a nice little collection of Ender Pearls too. MWAHAHAHAHA!! Maybe one day I'll figure how to get into the Ender Zone and start looking for that nasty old dragon I've heard so much about.


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