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Silly Miner!
Crazy dancing mouse
mavinmaverick wrote in diggydiggyhole
I decided I really needed to top up a bit more on my copper and coal (especially copper!). So, I started doing some random digging to try to increase these relatively surface-found items. I started digging a random hole through a mountain, which went a lot further than I would have expected, and didn't end where I thought it was going to. I got some copper and coal from it, but not nearly enough to satisfy my needs.

So, I started digging in another, not so random spot. I have a lava pit near my house where I toss my unnecessary materials...mostly cobblestone, dirt, gravel, and marble (I have a lot of all these things stored up in my Giant Storage Pyarmid of Doom(tm)). I wanted to see if there anything interesting near my surface lava pit, so I went back a little way, then started going down. Just as I hoped, I eventually hit a natural cavern! In I adventured, finding all kinds of things that were useful to me.

Then I ran out of space and decided I should probably head back up to get rid of some things and process what I had. I started back in the direction I came, only to realize I had messed up and cut off my way back up. Bugger. So, I started digging into the wall to try to find the main passage back.

I ran out of pick axes. Double bugger. Well, I was stuck and the best thing I knew to do was use some of my other tools (I carry a lot with me) to try to dig back up. After a bit, I didn't want to waste my tools on this, so I started pounding away with a block of marble. LOL

It was only after getting rather annoyed with the process and not finding my way, that I thought...well, why the heck am I not using creative mode? I switched to creative mode, and used a sword to cut my way back up. Whoot! I probably could have just flown back up, but with the new cut, I was able to get back down to where I was to get more materials, so that worked better. But sometimes I can be such a silly miner. I trust I'm not alone in my random foolishness. LOL


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