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Crazy dancing mouse
mavinmaverick wrote in diggydiggyhole
So, apparently I have a lot in common with the typical 10-year-old boy. I love Minecraft. This is pretty sad since I'm a gainfully employed 37-year-old woman. But I've come to accept my compulsion, and I continue to play the game that has found a way to suck me in. I was very disheartened to see there wasn't a Minecraft community on LJ, so I figured I would make one. I hope others will join me in my digging and building and generally relating life to the world of Minecraft.

This community is about all things Minecraft. I welcome all discussion of the game and adventures people are having. Building something cool? I want pictures! I'll be posting screen shots as I go along, and maybe if I get a decent following, I'll look into doing some live streams on For now, I have a giant hole that was once a mountain, a massive storage pyramid of doom, and a rather lame Tower of Bable. Of course, I also have my cozy little two story house and a rather large and empty factory. In addition, I have a road system that goes to the only village I've found so far, and my pyramid and factory. Life is beautiful.

So, come join me in the insanity that is Minecraft. I look forward to discussing my addiction with others. :-)


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