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Speak of the Devil
Crazy dancing mouse
mavinmaverick wrote in diggydiggyhole
So, no sooner do I mention getting close to bedrock, when I actually hit it. It's been a little more annoying than I would have thought though. I was expecting a nice even layer that I wouldn't be able to do anything with. Instead, there is stone mixed in, so I have to use creative mode to flatten the surface, and switch back to survivor mode to get the materials. I'm totally going to invest in auto mining on whatever my next project is. LOL On the bright side, I've managed to dig up around 30-someodd diamonds, so I have plenty to work with. I have gobs and gobs of red stone too. Once I'm really finished with the giant hole, I'm going to focus on more machines and such to automate the world. Someday I'll get to a more advanced version of Minecraft. LOL


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